It's amazing how much power lies within a number enclosed by parentheses such as the one in the title of this article. It makes you almost wanna click it doesn't it? New information has become such a nice treat today that we would prefer checking our mail or Facebook to eating or having a shower. The pleasure of intellectual gratification offered to us by the latest and the greatest information about what interests us makes the online world go round.

All the big online giants are making money off your clicks. Whatever makes you click on their links is worth gold to them. And new information seems to be the big secret. Whatever's new attracts(and distracts) our attention in a remarkably powerful way. The reply that you're waiting for your job application, the answer to a date invitation, the latest stock market prices, the Facebook likes that you'd like to see on your're hooked on new information. You crave for it and you want more and more of it every second. It keeps your eyes glued to the screen and your fingers glued to the mouse...ready to click, ready to read, ready to consume and then to crave for more and more and more...

Imagine how powerful we might be if we didn't give such a big damn about what's new. New stuff isn't always important stuff. Most of the time it's just irrelevant stuff overwhelming our senses by taking up our time and attention. Is it really worth it?
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Do not pay attention to any of the links on this page. Read only the text in the articles. DON'T CLICK THE LINKS.

Studies indicate that reading electronic text that contains hyperlinks(aka hypertext) can negatively affect your power of concentration and your reading abilities. Every time you see a link on a webpage you consume valuable time and attention deciding whether or not to click on it.

So...can you resist the Temptation ???

For more information read Nicholas Carr's book "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains".
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Thou shalt not commit Fallacies 

Red herrings, sacred cows, straw men, appeal to emotion, number manipulation, faulty generalizations, false analogies, false dilemmas, guilt by association, argumentum ad hominem, proof by verbosity, ambiguities, vaguities, appeal to novelty, appeal to tradition, etc, etc...has anybody ever wondered what is the root of all this evils in this world? It's definitely not one single root. And it's definitely not just the items that I've listed in the beginning. But it's totally ridiculous that some common sense rules that are usually taught in high school are broken by the majority of adults even by those in highly responsible and respectable positions.

Now I'm not saying that if everybody stopped committing logical fallacies this whole world would become perfect over night. But I'm pretty damn sure it would be much better, way would be a fucking utopia compared to this disgusting mess that we're surrounded by.

Millions of people die or suffer each day for completely no justified reason. Millions of people are killed, persecuted, robbed, fooled, humiliated by greedy uneducated narrow minded low lives whose only quality is the possession of some sort of power.

The solution is right in front of us, we refuse to apply it, we repeat the same mistakes over and over again and then we wonder how complex and perplex life on this planet really is...well guess what? IT'S NOT! IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!!! The most common and most evil mistakes that we commit every day are listed on this god damn page :

Learn to avoid them and make this world a better place.
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